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The Bankrupt Viscount, writing as Caitlyn Callery

Brilliant book kept me gripped to the end (Preditors and Editors Readers Poll voter, 2015)

Excellent read that reminded me of when I devoured Jane Austen books. (Preditors and Editors Readers Poll voter, 2015)

Don’t normally read romance – although lapped up Jane Austen in my teens. Enjoyed this immensely and could really see both the characters and the historical setting. Also drawn into the way the plot evolved, weaving in secondary characters to great effect. (Roland Clarke)

This book is very much in the style of Georgette Heyer, though with rather more heat! It’s charming, it’s witty and it’s very well-written. It’s peppered with great secondary characters, some real baddies and it cracks on at an enjoyable pace thanks to a nice twisty-turny plot. (Marguerite Kaye)

Father, Forgive

We just loved it. We enjoyed the biblical setting, the natural drama, and the use of scripture throughout. (NV, Fla)

“Really, I have no words. The script is incredible. The scene in Bethlehem was just so … really, I cannot do it justice. It was one of the best that I have ever read.” J.J. USA

The Price of Firewood

“well structured, politically engaging and quietly effective.” N.S. UK

“made me cry” C H, UK

Sammy by Hilary Mackelden

“Brilliantly written. The lack of emotion in the words makes this a very emotive play”  D C, UK

“It felt like you were telling my life.” JH, UK

“This is exactly what it’s like. Every social worker should see this.” BG, UK

“I believe acting in this play made me better at my day job as a social worker. I now have a better insight into those I work with. Thank you.”

“A fantastic play” JPM, UK

Beyond Redemption by Hilary Mackelden

“Some audiences laughed, some clapped, but all left with a different perspective of the season. The script was just what we needed at this special time of the year.” — E.P., Matthew Players, Baltimore, MD

“Simple, dignified, eloquent and presented the ‘message’ in a forceful, but calm manner being built up slowly and thoughtfully. No additional ‘gimmicks’ needed.” N.A, UK

“I just wanted to say how brilliant the play was last night. Three committed actors who believed in their roles, a play written (as always) from the heart, and a simplicity which belied the 90 minutes it took to tell the story.” G.O-W, UK

“I’m not religious and I didn’t really want to come but because I liked your other work and had a lot of respect for you, I thought I could tolerate it. From the opening of the first scene, I was gripped. You really brought the characters and events to life.” A.L. UK

Volunteers by Hilary Mackelden 

The play is very funny (review in Rye, UK)

the story was at times belly achingly funny mixed with tender moments. Particularly the moment when Pru found out the others had stopped her house sale and she said all her life people had stopped her doing things… wonderful. (audience member from Brighton, UK)

Claire’s speech on the “vision” for the charity, which included such buzz words as “blue-sky thinking”, “pushing at the envelope”, and, perhaps for me the best of all “we have fine-tuned our mission statement and mapped our course through the economic quagmire”, deservedly drew its own clapping each night. (audience member from Rye, UK)

I loved the play last night. Never be able to look at a charity shop again. It was funny and poignant at the same time. (S.H. Tunbridge Wells, UK)

Barabbas by Hilary Mackelden

“Few Easter plays are written from Barabbas’ point of view, much less with such richly nuanced characters. From the opening, bracing violence to Barabbas’ final line, “Because he died for me,” this play is utterly absorbing, compelling and ultimately uplifting.” N.V., Fla, USA.

“It flowed really well, it was easy to follow the story.” C.S. Tunbridge Wells, UK.

Details of the New Dawn Theater Company production are here

Life Support by Hilary Mackelden

“The Christmas message that God loved us enough to send his only son, is just as reaffirming as ever.” Eldridge Publishing, USA

Ahmed and the Mummy by Hilary Mackelden

“I laughed till I cried. I love your quirky sense of humour.” AH, UK

“I enjoyed it much more than I expected to. I’d love to see more.” HM, Kenya


“How wonderful to take the family to a pantomime and know there’ll be nothing to embarrass or cause problems. A real family treat.” EB, UK

The Snow Queen

“I think that was the best version of that story I have ever seen.” Audience member, Crowborough, UK

Christ’s Passion

The writing was excellent. S.A. UK

“It’s a very strong play. It hooked me in.” C.M. Tunbridge Wells, UK.