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A 2 act play exploring the crucifixion and resurrection from the point of view of the only man who could physically say Jesus died in his place. Multiple characters, some can be doubled.

Barabbas is a thief and rebel in Jerusalem. When he tries to assassinate a collaborator at the temple he is captured, and execution looks certain. But, to his amazement, he is given a free pardon in exchange for the life of an itinerant preacher, Jesus. Barabbas goes back to his friends and his old way of life, but something has changed. . .

To find out more, read a segment or find details of performance rights, please go to Barabbas


Beyond Redemption

One act play for three actors, 1 male, 2 female. The crucifixion is portrayed through three intertwining monologues and requires spotlights.

Jacob is a decent family man trying to earn a living as a guard at the temple in Jerusalem, but his life becomes complicated by the maverick preacher, Jesus. His wife, Miriam, invites Jesus to their home and the roof is destroyed by people who lower a crippled man through it so Jesus can heal him. His boss demotes him when Miriam and their daughter, Deborah, go to hear Jesus speak. Things go from bad to worse as tensions rise and Jacob always seems to be on the wrong side of it. When he is detailed to arrest Jesus, Jacob’s frustrations boil over, and for the first time in his life he abuses a prisoner. Afterwards, filled with guilt and remorse, he finds himself wondering “If this man was the Son of God, am I beyond redemption?”

To find out more, read a segment of this play and see details of performance rights, go to Beyond Redemption


Father, Forgive

A two act play for seven actors, five men and two women. Sound effects are important to this script.

Thirty years ago, a group of six soldiers, under orders from Herod the Great, entered Bethlehem. When they left, seventeen small boys were dead. One of the fathers, Simeon, tried for revenge, killed three of the soldiers, and has languished, forgotten, in prison since.

Thirty years on, and the last living soldier, Jeremiah, is now a powerful judge in Jerusalem. His enemies want rid of him, and when they learn of Simeon, it seems the perfect solution to their problem. They release him and send him after Jeremiah.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah’s teenage son, Reuben, wants to follow the maverick rabbi, Jesus, and when his father tries to stop him, Reuben walks out of home. On the night Jesus is arrested, Reuben finds himself caught up in the chaos on the streets where Simeon encounters him and sees the perfect revenge – he will kill Jeremiah’s son in front of his father before he kills the man himself…

To find out more, please go to Father Forgive


Devil in the Detail

Two act comedy drama for six actors, 4 male, 2 female.

The Mayor of Muddleby, William Green, wants to make money by helping the developer, Claude Deville, buy the town Church, which has no congregation and seems surplus to requirements. Green doesn’t know that Claude is really the devil, and not only does he want the Church, he wants Green’s soul as well. Green is scheduled to die in six months, and if he dies without turning to God, he becomes Claude’s. Things start to go wrong when new vicar Joe Ketchall arrives. Joe is keen and eager for revival. Worse, he’s praying for Green. Claude sends his best operative, Evelyn to ensure Green does not change sides. He also sends a trainee, Harry. Harry is young and mischievous, somewhat an innocent abroad; Evelyn calls him more of a hindrance than a help. But it is imperative to Claude that Harry damns at least one soul as soon as possible. Will Green fall foul of Claude’s plans, or will he be saved by the power of Joe’s prayers? Will revival happen or will the empty Church die? and why is Claude so keen for Harry to damn someone?

To find out more, read a segment of this play and see details of performance rights, go to Devil in the Detail


If We Had Only Known

A one act play for 7/8 actors, 3 male, 3 female, 1/2 flexible. The role of host can be split into two.

The host of a television talk show investigates the recent birth of a King. She interviews several people, all of whom give her insight into the nativity of the new King of the Jews, and at the same time, display prejudices – theirs and ours – against those who are different. Her guests include a gossip, who looks down on the pregnant Mary; unsympathetic officials; a greedy business owner; a selfish, materialistic guest; and an Egyptian who feels threatened by asylum-seekers. At the end, the TV guests return to the stage and argue that the host made them look bad because she exposed them. Their excuse is, “If we had only known it was Him….

To find out more, read a segment of this play and see details of performance rights, go to If We Had Only Known


Life Support

Two Act drama-comedy for 8 actors, 3 male, 5 female.

With just two days to Christmas, all demons are completely swamped with work and cannot take on more. However, Lucy Farr and her assistant Bea L. Zaybub may have to. Their problem is Pauline Salmon, a hard-bitten businesswoman who has been one of Lucy’s finest subjects. But the new pastor, Rev. Ledbetter, is praying hard for Pauline as he struggles to make his church viable once again. Meanwhile, bad boy Jamie is trying to turn over a new leaf. Judgmental Pauline treats him badly and in retaliation, he steals from her shop. Escaping, he is run down by the mall’s Santa sleigh and ends up in a coma on life support. Lucy, still able to communicate with Jamie, makes him an offer he cannot refuse: keep Pauline from succumbing to the pastor’s efforts between now and Christmas Eve or spend the next five hundred years burning in the fire pits of hell. As Jamie tries to do the job, he learns that not everything is as simple as it looks. With the Christmas deadline approaching, Jamie, Rev. Ledbetter, Pauline, and others are forced to face a few home truths of their own.

To find out more, read a segment of this play and see details of performance rights, go to Life Support


Power Play

A two act play exploring the nativity from a different angle. The play has 13 characters, but some could double up. 1 must be female, 3 must be male, all others are gender non-specific.

Jason Herod, CEO of Herod International, buys companies, strips their assets and puts people out of work without a second thought. One of the people he has fired is Joe, whose fiancee, Mary, is having a baby. Desperate for work, Joe hears Herod is recruiting for his factory in Bethlehem, so he and Mary make their way there, only to find themselves jobless, penniless and living on the streets. Meanwhile, Herod has learned that a rival for power has come to Bethlehem and he determines to find it and neutralise it, so sends his none too bright goons to do the job. . .

To find out more, including details of performance rights, please email, putting “Power Play query” in the subject box.


Christ’s Passion

A two act play for Community Theatre, telling the story of Jesus from the moment his mother Mary is told of her pregnancy to his appearance to his disciples after the resurrection. The minimum number of actors needed to perform the play would be 34, the maximum… think Cecil B DeMille!

To find out more, read a segment or find details of performance rights, please go to Christ’s Passion


The Pilgrim’s Progress

A two act play based on the classic novel by John Bunyan. Multiple parts, many can be doubled.

Christian has discovered his home city is to be destroyed. His neighbours won’t heed his warning so he sets off alone to find safety in the City of Gold. On the way he has many adventures and meets many people, some good, some not so good.

To find out more, read a segment of the play or learn about performance rights go to Pilgrim’s Progress


This Way

The Pilgrim’s Progress meets the Credit Crunch. With roller skates.

Minimum 15 actors (with doubling) 3 male and 8 female, rest non gender specific.

Joe is an ordinary man making his way through life when he discovers he has a huge debt, so big he can never hope to pay it off. If he doesn’t do so before the deadline, he will be thrown into debtor’s prison for all eternity. Learning there is a debt counsellor who may be able to help him, he sets off in a race against time to search for this person, accompanied by Ditzy, a gum-chewing, roller skating California chick with an agenda of her own.

To learn more, and find out about performance rights, please email putting “This Way Query” in the subject box.


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