Ashdown Lee

A two act play. Larger casts preferable. Main parts 6 male, 4 female. Chorus and small roles also need filling.

Rick Burgess and coworkers, Joe and Samantha, are on an outward-bound training weekend, organized by their boss, Rick’s father, when they become hopelessly lost in the forest. Through the fog they finally stumble upon a remote little village, Ashdown-Lee. But the villagers are dressed as 18th century peasants and are wary of the intruders. As the village gives up its secrets, both villagers and visitors discover truths about themselves and their lives.

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The Price of Firewood

Two act play for ten actors, 6 male and 4 females.

In the fictional African country of Tukulrimi, a family of three women have survived the onslaught on their village by Government backed militia and have taken refuge in a camp. They have received food aid, but it needs cooking and the wood which will feed the cooking fires is outside the camp, where the milita roam, looking for victims. Meanwhile, people in the west find it is not in their interests to help these victims. . .

The play was entered for the Verity Bargate Award in 2007. Nina Steiger of Soho Theatre called it “well structured, politically engaging and quietly effective.”

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50% of all royalties for this play will go to World In Need, a UK based charity. Find out more about them at World In Need


Two act play for four actors, 2 male, 2 female.

When Jenny and Mark’s son is born with Prader Willi Syndrome, their lives change for ever, as do the lives of their best friends, Christine and Phil.

The play won the Sussex Playwrights National Open Play Writing Award 2004.

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volunteers warwickA comedy in two acts. 10 actors, 2 male (could double up) and 8 female.

Brenda is running a charity shop, with the slightly addled Prue and the sight-impaired Denny. But there are changes in the charity and CEO John Turk wants a new image, and younger staff. Brenda has to cope with her customers, a community service offender and the new regime.

The picture shows a recent production of Volunteers in the Midlands.

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The Snow Queen

A two act play. Many parts but a lot of doubling up is possible.

Based on the classic story by Hans Christian Andersen.

Gerda’s friend Kay gets a piece of ice in his eye and another in his heart. He changes from a fun loving boy to a snarling, bad tempered grouch, and is then taken away by the Snow Queen. Determined to save him, Gerda calls to the Sun King for help. When he doesn’t answer, she sets out on the rescue mission herself, little knowing that the Sun King is watching over her every step…

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Alex and Rose

Two Act Play for seven actors, five female, one male, one either.

Alex has learning difficulties. He’s been cared for by his mother, Rose, but now, at 25, he is going into a home. After giving years of her life to his care, Rose must adjust to a new life without him, and without a defined role. At the same time, she finds herself coping with welfare reforms such as the bedroom tax, and the unsympathetic officials that implement them…