Ahmed And The Mummy

Prince Ahmed is under a curse. He must return a stolen ruby to the tomb of Amen-Hal-al-Lou-Yah or he cannot marry his true love, Ophelia Payne. Trouble is, the tomb has been lost for 3000 years. Helping (or hindering) his quest are lonely widow, Eileen Down and her son, Neil, con men Harry and Mac and real villains, Ali Katt and Willy Gofarr, among others. Chaos abounds, along with groanworthy puns, songs and lots of jokes about Mummies.

You can find details of this script, including performance licensing at Ahmed and the Mummy

Beauty and the Beast

Ten years ago, Prince Leopold was changed into a hideous beast. The only way to break the spell is to find a woman who loves him as he is now, and to perform an act of true love for her. But if he doesn’t find that woman by midnight this coming Saturday, he will stay a beast for ever, and his evil cousin, Zelda will rule instead.

Belle Ring’s father, Hank, is an archaeologist. He wanders into the grounds of Muddleton Manor looking for the fabled Cup of Zeus and is arrested for trespass. To save him, Belle offers to stay in his place. While Leopold’s faithful guards, Hale and Hearty, “help” him as he tries to make Belle love him, her father tries to rescue her, assisted – sort of – by his would-be fiancee, Gloria Swan, village handyman, Handy Andy, and Zelda’s henchmen, Cross and Patch, who are working undercover and can’t remember whose side they’re on.

All is not going to go as planned…

Blue Ridge Cinders

Cinders lives in the town of Golden, Virginia (Population 63.5), with her cruel stepmother, Ma, and her equally cruel stepsisters, Sheriff Lisa and Miss Cissy. When the Governor’s son, Prince Charming the third, comes to town, he meets Cinders and falls in love but rather foolishly forgets to ask her name before she runs off. He decides to hold a hoe-down and invite all the young ladies just so he can find her again, but her stepsisters are determined that Cinders will be the one girl who won’t be there. Meanwhile, her friends, Buttons and Beau, are making moonshine and trying not to get caught, and Mo, who likes a tipple, is worried because he keeps seeing a Fairy Godmother with a very belligerent attitude and a loofah. It’s enough to make a man teetotal.

You can find details of this script, including performance licensing at Blue Ridge Cinders

The Sheriff of Council Flats

Six Gun Smith leads a band of outlaws that terrorises the town of Council Flats every Tuesday, and holds up the stage every other Thursday. The townspeople are fed up with this and instruct their mayor, Chester Hare, to do something about it. Chester is in cahoots with Six Gun and he employs a sheriff and deputy, Frank James and his sister, Jessie. He believes they are working for Six Gun, and will turn a blind eye to things. However, Frank and Jessie, together with Chester’s sister, Hedda Hare, two clueless cowboys, Ike Keir and Deke Kaff, Frank’s girlfriend, Helen Back, and a horse called Trigger, join together to save the town from the outlaws and clean up the wild west. John Wayne, eat your heart out!

You can read a segment of this script, order a copy and find details of performance licensing at Sheriff of Council Flats


When Bess Dress boasts that her daughter, Donna, can spin straw into gold, she does not expect the greedy Queen Lottie to kidnap Donna and force her to replenish the country’s coffers. Threatened with execution if she fails, Donna accepts help from a strange man. Unfortunately, in return, he insists she marry him. Donna is in love with Justin Tyme and doesn’t want to marry anyone else, so the stranger gives her a chance: find out what his name is, or give up Justin forever…

You can read a segment of this script, order a copy and find details of performance licensing at Rumpelstiltskin

The Pied Piper:

The corrupt Mayor of Hamelin cuts back dustbin collections to save the tax payers’ money so he can use it to fund his own lifestyle. The cutbacks bring rats and a mysterious piper offers to get rid of them – for a price. When the Mayor doesn’t pay up, the piper takes the town’s children as well. Meanwhile, the elections are coming and the challenger, Mercedes van Hire, looks as if she will win. The mayor decides to stop her. When he learns that married women cannot stand for election in Hamelin, he tries to woo her. . . His henchmen, Herr Rinse and Herr Kutt hinder him more than they help, and the incompetent army officer, Major Incident keeps losing his men – when they aren’t trying to shoot him. And just who is the mysterious stranger in rags, collecting aid for the flooded town of Bremen?

You can read a segment of this script, order a copy and find details of performance licensing at Pied Piper

The Three Musketeers

Cardinal Richelieu has kidnapped all the musketeers except Athos, Porthos and Aramis, who are away on holiday. The king is now in danger, and the only ones who can save him are a trio of girl singers who pretend to be the musketeers, their crooked manager, Charlie, a greenhorn kid called D’Artagnan, a Parisian washerwoman called Fleur de Leece, and D’Artagnan’s valet, Billy Doo. Ranged against them are the Cardinal, a gold digging Milady and her two accomplices, who Milady thinks are soldiers but who are, in fact, can-can dancers trying to sneak into England. Yes folks, this is pantomime.

You can read a segment of this script, order a copy and find details of performance licensing at Three Musketeers


The wicked Janjar wants to be Sultan so he asks Witch Wei Up to banish the rightful heir to the throne, Khaleed, to Skeleton Isle, from which no-one has ever escaped. But Janjar reckons without Sinbad and his trusty crew, Howie Doohan, Rocky Shore, Sandy Shore, the princess Atisha, and the laundress, Wendy Wimblows. Actually, Wendy has only come to rescue the admiral’s uniform, but Janjar doesn’t know that. And when his only accomplices, apart from the witch, are the clueless henchmen, Terry Bull and Dan Druff, well, he may as well give up now.

You can read a segment of this script, order a copy and find details of performance licensing at Sinbad


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